Membership, Rates and Fees

TSC is accepting new flying members and welcomes anyone who meets Transport Canada’s and TSC’s own standards for safe and responsible sailplane and ground operations and enjoys the sportsmanship and camaraderie of the soaring community.

TSC accepts members on a probationary basis. After one year of active flying with the club, the membership will vote in new members. During the probationary period, prospective members do not have voting privileges but are afforded all other privileges.

Our rate and fee schedule is as follows for those who wish to join us.
Not sure if soaring is for you; then check out our Intro packages below.


2016 Toronto Soaring Fee Schedule Annual Per Flight Per Minute
Dues & Fees
Annual Membership $575.00
Membership for Full Time Student (high school, Univ., etc.) $250.00
Soaring Association of Canada Fees for solo pilots $80.00/$40.00/$0.00 see
Camping trailer site $150.00
Launch Rates
Aero Tow to 2,000 feet (student dual instruction) $25.00
Aero Tow to 2,000′/3,000′ $35.00/$45.00
1,000 feet for check flights only $15.00
Winch launch $10.00
Rental Rates
2 seat fiber-glass – SZD50-3 Puchacz $0.70
Single Seat fiber-glass SZD51-1 Junior $0.70
Dual Trainer – k-13 $0.70
 2017 Visitor Rates & Packages

Getting Started packages

  • $120 Intro Flight    1 dual instructional flight
  • $270 Package   3 dual instructional flights
  • $400 Package   5 dual instructional flights
The small print: (Conditions)
All flights are up to 30 minutes – each with a licensed instructor. Tow height is 2000ft AGL. All flights in a package must be used by the same person (cannot be split). Each person will receive a Training Certificate personally autographed and presented in person by Mike Morgulis, CFI TSC after completing their pacakge
All packages include basic ground school lessons and an electronic copy of the SOAR training manual