The Field

Deleraunt Field

Runways: Grass Turf. 36-18, and cross runway 09-27. Lengths 3300 ft and 2600 ft, respectively.

Elevation: 1658 feet ASL

Location: N 44 01.958 w080 29.138

Radio Frequency: VHF 123.40 (standard glider frequency in Southern Ontario). Call “Conn Tower”.

Circuit Protocol:

Visiting aircraft are welcome but must seek ground clearance before landing. We prefer visiting aircraft not to enter TSC airspace during normal operations (between noon and 5 pm). Sailplanes, tow aircraft or winch operations may be in progress. TSC does not accept any liability or responsibility related to visiting aircraft. Sailplanes have the right of way.

Circuit height is 1000 foot AGL. Powered aircraft must fly right hand circuits when landing east, west and southbound and left hand when landing northbound. Sailplanes fly opposite pattern, so please beware!

All aircraft are expected to fly a downwind parallel to the active runway, with a base leg and final. Watch for other aircraft approaching from the opposite side when turning base leg.

arial map  of the airfield