Ontario Provincials 2016


 logo by Patrick McMahon

The Ontario Provincial Championships will be held at Toronto Soaring Gliding Club, from

Sept 3, 4 & 5th /2016

Contest Manager Bill Cole, bill.cole@utoronto.ca 416 729-7779
Contest Director Tom Coulson
Weather Joerg Stieber & Dave Springford
Scorer Luke Szczepaniak
Saturday we will have a BBQ meal and Sunday Chris is cooking a curry meal. We will have signup sheets at the meeting tomorrow.  You are responsible for your other meals.  Local options (supplies or restaurants are available) are a short drive away (Conn store,  Mount Forest  or Grand Valley).Signup fee is $50, and launch fees are $40 each.
Sunday and Monday pilot meeting will be 10:00 am 

We are using the turnpoints (file) and airspace (file) from the 2015 Ontario Provincials.  Scoring will be with WinScore.