Club Ships

The AS K-13 replaces our 2-33 as our standard trainer. YEQ was leased from Air sailing this summer and our members who have flown her fell in love. This fall TSC bought YEQ. She climbs very well in thermals and lets a student build confidence through early solo flights.

At the AGM this spring we have decided to sell our  Schweizer 1-26

We will be posting on wings and wheels soon.  Own your own glider contact us now.

With its short wing span it has a ‘sporty’ feel and allows the student to get comfortable in a smaller ship of modest performance (23:1 glide ratio). It has excellent low speed performance The 1-26 has a very loyal owner group in the U.S. and many “1-26 only” contests are flown.

The SZD 50-3 “Puchacz” is used for introductory flights, spin training and cross country exercises. The Puchacz has a 32:1 glide ratio, it is very comfortable and handles.

After sufficient solo flights in the K13 & 1-26 the next step up is to the SZD-51-1 “Junior” a fiber-glass single. The Junior is designed as a “club ship” and has the best performance in our fleet at 35:1. It has a nice ‘light’, well coordinated feel on the controls, a robust structure and oversized fixed gear for worry free landings on or off the club fields. Equipped with an electric vario and flight logger its your ticket to early badge flights. The Junior will let our club members comfortably and safely explore cross country flying.