Get Your Pilot’s Licence

Steps Involved

Transport Canada defines the requirements for a glider pilot’s license.

You will initially take dual flight instruction with one of our experienced flying instructors. Our instructors are all enthusiastic volunteers! The number of flights required to master the skills needed will vary depending upon how frequently you fly. Typically students, that are flying most weekends, can achieve solo flying status within one year (approx 35-45 flights).

You will also need to attend our ground school which is taught free of charge. Printed materials are provided at cost to students.

You will be issued a Student Pilot Permit at Toronto Soaring prior to going solo. You will also need to certify that you are medically fit to fly.

In order to obtain your license, you will need to:

  • fly 20 supervised flights solo
  • write the Transport Canada Exam
  • take a flight test

The basic training manual  is SOAR & Learn to Fly

Learning never ends in Soaring

Going solo and getting your license are the two first milestones to soaring. After mastering the basic skills, you will challenge yourself to use lift sources, such as thermals, to stay aloft for hours and travel cross-country! On a good soaring day in Ontario, experienced glider pilot will fly more than 300km! On the ridges of Pennsylvania, experienced pilots will fly more than 1000km!